Let the power of the cloud simplify and improve the flexibility of your business...

With the advent of cloud computing, and accessible services such as Microsoft 365 and Google GSuite, having to live with ailing on-premise IT infrastructure - whose failure could be make-or-break for your business – is simply just not necessary. Break away from the risk of failing server hardware and move to the cloud, it wont be as painful as you think!

Here at computer2cloud we have many years of experience of performing migrations from on-premise IT systems to Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google GSuite and can help you make the jump from inflexible, failing internal IT systems to always-on, always up-to-date, secure, flexible and easily managed Cloud IT solutions.

Want to quickly check an e-mail or make amendments to a file, but don’t have access to your corporate device?.........with technologies such as Microsoft 365 or Google GSuite it is easy. You can log on from any device, anywhere and be assured of full access to all your business information and data. No more worrying about having access to your corporate device or having to VPN into your corporate network. Need to share data with other parties?......with Microsoft 365 it is as easy selecting the file and who you want to access it, how much access and for how long.

With other productivity tools that come as part of cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and Google GSuite, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, communicating with your colleagues via Instant Messaging, Voice and Video is a breeze……Microsoft Teams can even be configured to operate as a fully functioning Telephony PBX…..so if you go Microsoft 365 with Teams you may even find you can lose your phone system too!

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